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  • Do You Trust The Government — Any Government?
    Darrell Castle talks about the trustworthiness of government, primarily in the areas of COVID-19 and the vaccine mandates. Transcription / Notes DO YOU TRUST THE GOVERNMENT—ANY GOVERNMENT? Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is the 24th day of September in the year 2021, and today I will be talking about the trustworthiness of government in many areas but primarily and specifically in the area of COVID-19 and the vaccines that the government insists we accept. My premise is that those who refuse the vaccine do not trust the government at least not as much as those who accept the vaccine. Let’s look at what trusting government often does for us. The Castle family is both happy and sad this week as the family daughter, her husband, and her dog have returned to the grand and glorious city of angels after 10 days with her parents. We saw her for the first time in 2 years and we will endeavor to keep that from happening again. My desire would be for the daughter to flee from grand and glorious Los Angeles for just about anywhere, but that is up to her and her husband. I will start my topic of government trustworthiness with a look at my own city of Memphis, Tennessee as reported by the Memphis Commercial Appeal our daily newspaper. This article was front page headline on Wednesday the 22nd which was by coincidence the first day of fall. Headline: “They need to take this vaccination, less than half of Memphis police and fire departments are vaccinated.” Well then, my premise would be that critical members of the city government do not buy into what the government is attempting to sell them, i.e., that the vaccine is safe and effective. Quote from the article: “The Memphis police and fire departments are less than 50% vaccinated, and trail Shelby County’s overall vaccination rate, according to data from the city of Memphis. The data shows that vaccine hesitancy is widespread among the city’s first-responders and other city staff.” Let’s pause the quote for a moment for me to say that hesitancy is an objectionable word because refusal would be more accurate. These are people out there on the front lines dealing with all kinds everyday and they are not hesitant, they are refusing in mass numbers. “City solid waste employees are 37% vaccinated and parks and neighborhoods are 40% vaccinated, city data showed. Shelby County has a 51.7% vaccination rate over a much larger group of people.” Yes that 51.7% includes all the primarily white suburbs while the Memphis number is just city employees in a 67% black city.  You are about to see that the city council did not take these numbers like gentlemen and women. “The city employee vaccination rate sparked an angry outburst from Memphis City Councilman Edmund Ford, Sr. who told the city administration it needs to mandate vaccinations, something Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland has not done.” Oh yes, go ahead and follow your leader down the road to losing 50% of police and fire protection for your city that makes perfect sense councilman. If you don’t believe me let New York, Loa Angeles, and Chicago serve as guides for the wisdom of that approach. “Everyone needs to wake the hell up, Ford said in a monologue from the council dais after Alex Smith, the city’s head of human resources, told the council the city’s vaccination rate is about 50% and presented department level vaccination data. Shut this place down—or lay their asses off, Ford told Smith during a council committee hearing where she presented vaccination stats for the city’s 8,200 full-time and part-time employees.” We are living in an age of paralyzing fear, not just in Memphis, but everywhere. When people live in fear, they will submit to all kinds of mischief just to feel a little bit safer. Governments are more than happy to take advantage of that fear to advance their own power and control over the people they are supposed to serve. For example, the nation of Austria not only mandates the vaccines,
  • President Biden Declares Ideological War Against Dissidents
    Darrell Castle talks about the President’s speech last week in which he basically told us that government is no longer accountable to the people, but the people are now accountable to government. Transcription / Notes PRESIDENT BIDEN DECLARES IDEOLOGICAL WAR AGAINST DISSIDENTS Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is September 17, 2021, Constitution Day for those of us who still recognize the document, and today I will be talking about the President’s speech last week in which he basically told us that government is no longer accountable to the people, but the people are now accountable to government. Several times during his speech the president portrayed the unvaccinated as a potential enemy, and a domestic danger. Those who don’t want the vaccine often tend to be conservatives with right of center views so President Biden appears to have declared class or ideological warfare on dissidents. The president attacked not only the unvaccinated but everyone he considers to be accomplices in their refusal to obey him. He said this is not a freedom issue when it clearly is. He wagged his finger in the faces of the American people and said we have been patient, but our patience is running out. I wonder who exactly he means by we? He seems to be saying we the elite, we your betters, have spoken and you will obey or else. He obviously thinks of himself as benevolent dictator who has been patient with his unruly children but now its time for corporal punishment. He attacked, not just the people, but the infrastructure surrounding them which he thinks aids them in their disobedience. Dissident doctors were told that their medical boards should threaten their licenses to practice if they did not comply. Those who disagree will have the weight of the federal government brought to bear against them. He also said that the vaccinated would be turned upon them. Vaccinated America is growing frustrated he said, with the 80 million people who have not received shots and are fueling the spread of the virus. The federal government has been telling Americans for many decades what they could not put in their bodies. In fact, the prisons are almost bursting at the seams with people who put something in their bodies the federal government did not approve of. The federal government is so certain that it knows what is best for us that it claims the sovereign right to tell us that if we consume something prohibited, we will certainly go to prison. Now, for the first time the federal government, speaking through its mouthpiece, Joe Biden, claims the right to tell us what we must put in our bodies. The elites who run the government know what drugs we should not take and what drugs we absolutely must take, and furthermore their patience with us is running out. So, for the first time in the history of the world governments have claimed the right to forcibly impose mass vaccination on an entire class of people under threat of personal and professional destruction. He left no doubt that those who refuse the vaccine are really bad people and so are those who help them. He’s fed up with Republican governors who block his anti-freedom measures, and he blames them for what he tells us is exploding numbers of cases, rising hospital costs, and an increasing death toll. A small number of Americans are keeping us from turning the corner he said. These things are making people sick and causing unvaccinated people to die. If you break the rules, be prepared to pay, the president told us. What kind of president is this anyway? He presumes the right to deny us the ability to feed our families, the right to medical care, the right to travel, basically most of the things that make life enjoyable or even possible. He used every federal threat his group of tyrannical handlers could think of to coerce us into accepting a drug we believe to be dangerous, and which was concocted by experts in whom we don’t believe and certainly don’t trust.
  • The House Built on Lies is Crumbling
    Darrell Castle talks about lies spoken from the top of our government and its supporting bureaucracy and how those lies are being revealed and the revelations are not going over well with the average American. Transcription / Notes: THE HOUSE BUILT ON LIES IS CRUMBLING Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is the 10th day of September in the year 2021 and I will be talking about many examples of lies at the top of our government and its supporting bureaucracy and how those lies are being revealed and the revelations are not going over well with the average American. The Castle Family is very happy this week as the family daughter is scheduled to arrive from Los Angeles this very evening. We haven’t seen her in almost two years so if you are a parent then you know I don’t need to say anything else. This Castle Report was finished when it was too late to include the President’s dictatorial decrees about vaccine mandates. Perhaps I will be able to address them next week when we know more. I just want to say today that when a person tries to assume dictatorial powers and he is stopped by congress, the courts, or simple refusal to obey then all you have is a silly person with delusions of grandeur, but if no one stops him then he is indeed what he presumes to be, dictator. I think it was former Senator Al Franken who coined the phrase lies and the lying liars who tell them, but in any event, it is a phrase appropriate for today’s commentary. Dr. Anthony Fauci is director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and chief medical advisor to the president of the United States. He has steadfastly denied being responsible for any gain of function research into the COVID virus since the outbreak began. He testified before congress on many occasions and denied it under oath. In May 2021, for example, Dr. Fauci testified before a Senate committee investigating whether the U.S. funded gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology where he stated, “NIH has not and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. “A publication called The Intercept through a Freedom of Information Act Request found that NIH issued a bat coronavirus grant to a group called the EcoHealth Alliance for $3.1 million, including $599,000 that the Wuhan Institute of Virology used to identify and alter bat coronaviruses likely to infect humans. Scientists identified as experts in virology and infectious diseases looked at the reports and concluded that the grants supported the construction of coronaviruses that combined a spike gene from one with genetic information from another in order to make the resulting virus infect human cells. The COVID virus was, in other words, a laboratory generated virus specifically engineered to make it more lethal to humans. Several senators have said that Dr. Fauci should face a full investigation and should be forthcoming about his involvement, while others have called for his resignation. So, they talk and they talk and they strut across the TV screens with their meaningless words which mean nothing. Their question is “what was Dr. Fauci’s involvement, not did this man commit perjury, a serious felony, and certainly not is he guilty of one of the greatest crimes against humanity in human history. Why would Dr. Fauci, the most powerful man in international medicine, risk everything to create this deadly virus? For one thing, he did not risk everything because he knew that he was exempt from the consequences of his actions. He knew that he would not be subject to the law like us little people. He knew that there are two sets of laws and those at the top whether elected or bureaucratic are exempt as long as they are useful and cooperative. Back to the question of why he did it, he did it for money. If this report from what the Intercept obtained is true, and it is because they didn’t invent the information they obtained it from go...
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