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  • Slouching Toward World War III
    Darrell Castle talks about how the world, prodded along by the most powerful, seems to be moving inevitably toward a superpower war. Transcription / Notes SLOUCHING TOWARD WORLD WAR lll Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 1st day of July in the year of our Lord 2022, and I will be talking about how the world, prodded along by the most powerful, seems to be moving inevitably toward a superpower war. This war, when it begins in earnest will be fought between the most powerful nuclear armed countries that have existed in all of history. I have talked in the past about how the world is dividing into armed camps of nations as both sides scramble last minute to find allies to bolster their teams. The war is mostly cold right now as it is being waged economically, but ominous clouds have appeared over the cold war that tell me it could go hot at any moment. Not much appears to be happening from either side to reverse this road to World War lll. What makes any of the world’s leaders think this coming war will not go nuclear, I don’t know. Do they really think that a nation with thousands of nuclear missiles will lose a war or allow itself to suffer defeat with those missiles still in their silos? Apparently, they do think so, or at least I hope they think so, because the alternative is even more terrifying. How do world wars begin? We know for certain because we have two examples to choose from. They begin one step at a time, one provocation at a time, one insult at a time, until finally the camel’s back is broken and it’s too late. The economic sanctions against Russia have not worked as well as had been hoped so new kinds of sanctions have to be found to ratchet up the pressure. When sanctions fail to accomplish the desired result then escalation is the natural response. Recently the small, but NATO and EU member state, Lithuania blocked all the items sanctioned by the EU from being transported from Russia, through the safe passage zone in Lithuania, to the Russian conclave of Kaliningrad. That was a provocation the Russians say they are not willing to live with and Russian language was strong enough to cause the EU, but mostly France and Germany, to tell Lithuania to back off. Apparently though, the Lithuanians have given them all the middle finger on that order for now. The world waits for a country of 2.5 million people to plunge it into nuclear war. It is understandable on the part of the Lithuanians because they suffered for decades under Soviet Communism with its concrete building blocks and its lines to get potatoes etc. They don’t want to go back and who could blame them, but now they have Article 5 of the NATO charter which would permit or even require NATO to respond to a Russian attack so perhaps they are confidant enough to be reckless. The Russians responded first with strong diplomatic language, but recently they announced that they would put nuclear weapons into Belarus on the border of Lithuania and Poland. That was a pretty clear indication of the intent to use those weapons if Russian survival was at issue. Russia has also begun cyber-attacks against Lithuania. Putin, in his speech at the Russian Economic Summit in St. Petersburg, spoke as if Russia and Belarus were the same country and in fact, they are. Russian speakers, diplomats, etc. have started referring to Russia as “The Union.” These are all ominous signs, and no one seems interested in turning down the rhetoric. This past week there were two meetings on the Western side of the world and one on the Eastern side. The G-7 nations consists of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States—plus the European Union. They met in Germany for discussions on Ukraine, but much of the talk centered on inflation and energy prices. The decision was made not to sanction Russian energy any further as the Europeans are probably worried about winter and empty gas lines.
  • Dangerous Days
    Darrell Castle talks about the end of the unipolar world that has existed since 1991. American Foreign Policy seems to have brought about the rebirth of the cold war as the world is dividing into different camps or choosing sides in the old game of world domination politics. Transcription / Notes DANGEROUS DAYS Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday June 24th in the year of our Lord 2022, and I will be talking about the end of the unipolar world that has existed since 1991. American Foreign Policy seems to have brought about the rebirth of the cold war as the world is dividing into different camps or choosing sides in this old game of world domination politics. The weapon the U.S. uses in this cold war is economic sanctions which tend to weaken the U.S. and strengthen its adversaries. A second title to this Report could be bad governance but I’m trying to be kind, so I gave it the title of the results of bad governance. The Biden Administration just announced that it is sending $1 billion more in weapons to Ukraine for 18 more Howitzers, more long-range missiles for long range rocket systems as well as Harpoon anti-ship missiles. These are weapons whose only purpose can be to strike at Russia’s Black Sea fleet. The Russians seem to be intercepting and destroying much of the shipments as they cross the borders into Ukraine so less and less are effective. The weapons shipments need no further Congressional approval since congress has already signed off on $40 billion which leaves the choice of weapons with the President or those of his choosing. This brings the total to something like $56 billion and climbing so the question becomes how much is enough, $60-$70 billion perhaps. It is apparently very expensive to weaken Russia as Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told us was the real purpose. So, we play this cold war game as we fight a losing proxy war against Russia in Ukraine while conditions here in America are deteriorating rapidly. I call that bad governance. People are suffering but this American President seems incapable of caring or even noticing. Gas prices above $5 per gallon on average nationwide. The cost of basic food necessities soaring all of which destroys real wages of the American people. Crime rates including murder are also soaring out of control, and all taken together looks very bad. The people see the 10’s of billions being poured down the ratholes in Ukraine and they must be wondering what about us. Almost daily the administration seems to find new ways of provoking a nuclear confrontation with Russia. The latest is a blockade of materials through Lithuania to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad which is a small sliver of land and people between EU and NATO members Poland and Lithuania. Supplies from Russia come through rail lines and gas pipelines. Lithuania announced that it was banning rail transport of goods subject to EU sanctions which includes coal, metals, construction materials and technology, or about 50% of all goods, but not food according to the Lithuanians. The Russians demanded an immediate lift of the ban or else. Or else what? The Russian statement reads like this, “If in the near future cargo transit between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the territory of the Russian Federation through Lithuania is not restored in full, then Russia reserves the right to take actions to protect its national interests.” The usual diplomatic protests were delivered as well as a statement that the ban was a violation of Lithuania’s international legal obligations. Russia also stated that it considers the action to be “openly hostile.” The action by Lithuania to provoke a nuclear armed country with which it shares a border is a serious matter with potentially dire consequences. The Foreign Minister of Lithuania said they were simply complying with sanctions imposed by the EU, and that they were taken after consultation with the European Commission and under its guidel...
  • The Misery Index
    Darrell Castle talks about inflation and what economists using Bureau of Labor Statistics data refer to as the misery index. Transcription / Notes THE MISERY INDEX Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 17th day of June in the year of our Lord 2022 and on this Report, I will be talking about inflation primarily, but also what economists using Bureau of Labor Statistics data, refer to as the misery index. When will inflation subside, when will gas and food be affordable again, what is causing this misery, Those are questions worthy of our discussion today. What I will try to do today is to give you some thoughts on how regular Americans are experiencing life every day and how this extremely empathetic administration, this we are always on the side of the working people, the little people, and against big business, political party is really made up of the most callous, unfeeling people in this country. Americans are feeling the pain of this callous administration alright. They feel it at the pump, at the grocery store, on the vacation they don’t take, they feel it every day as prices continue to skyrocket with no end in sight. There will eventually be an end of course as all things end, but what will that entail, chaos, civil disorder, violence, or just the continued tyranny of the global cabal? From The Wall Street Journal: “Energy and food prices made up much of the May increase, but this is cold comfort for consumers. Americans used to be able to substitute lower-cost protein when beef prices rose. But everything at the supermarket has become more expensive in the past year—eggs (32.2%), chicken (16.6%), milk (15.9%), even soup (13.9%). Lower-wage workers are getting crushed by Bidenomics.” The Misery Index tells us something about the health of the economy and along with it the health of the nation. As the rate of inflation goes up the cost-of-living increases and as unemployment rises more and more people are dropped into poverty. The misery index then, is a look in the mirror for the economy and for the administration for that matter, telling them the condition of the average worker. Yes, ordinary people are suffering as their standard of living collapses. I usually top off my gas tank on Sunday to be ready for the drive to work the following week. The last two Sundays the price was up 20 cents per gallon each week. When people pay more and more for gas each week and more and more for food each week their families sink deeper below their former standard of living. It’s as if their wages are being cut each week. It would break the heart of anyone not a complete psychopath or in the Biden administration. What exactly has been the administration’s reaction to all this? Several evolving approaches consisting of everything from pure propaganda to wishful thinking, to embarrassing lies, have been unsuccessfully tried. The president wants the public to blame anything and anyone but himself for the misery inflation is causing. From its just transitory, and nothing to worry about to inflation is good to its Trump’s fault to its Covid’s fault to its Putin’s price hike to its big oil’s fault. It went from there to having press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre say, “We feel that we are in a good position to take on inflation.” The bottom line for the president is that the misery index is everybody and everything’s fault except his. It’s the fault of the pandemic, it’s the fault of corporate greed and the rich who don’t pay their fair share, but most of all it’s the Putin inflation tax. However, I don’t remember Putin giving away trillions with no corresponding production to offset it and I don’t remember him canceling the Keystone Pipeline or blocking drilling offshore and on federal lands, and I don’t remember that he imposed any sanctions on himself. This is all just lies to justify what president Biden and the Democrat prosperity destroying radicals in the Democrat Party tell us to cover their ow...
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