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  • January 6th and the Human Desire to Be Treated Fairly
    Darrell Castle talks about the nation’s Capital on January 6, 2021. He tells the story from a different angle that perhaps you have not heard at least not very often. He refers to his podcast of January 15, 2021 as a previous statement on the incident. Transcription / Notes JANUARY 6TH AND THE HUMAN DESIRE TO BE TREATED FAIRLY Hello this is Darrell Castle with todays Castle Report. This is Friday the 14th day of January in the year 2022 and I am going to be talking about the incident at the nation’s capital on January 6, 2021. I know you have heard the story ad nauseum from politicians and media pundits, but my goal is to tell the story from a different angle that perhaps you have not heard at least not very much. I refer you to my Castle Report index or archives of January 15, 2021, for my previous statement on January 6th. Fairness is a rather ancient concept in the Western World going back to at least the Magna Carta in 1215. It is a world under assault and very threatened right now but still the desire to be treated fairly is one of the most common desires in humanity. Lady justice that all lawyers are familiar with is a symbol of society’s efforts to be fair, to achieve justice and equal protection under the law. The lady is holding a scale in her right hand and a sword in her left, and she is blindfolded. She weighs the evidence without seeing any undue influence, and she backs up her justice with the sword. Go to Europe and you will see the same symbol with a different artist’s touch and a more medieval look to the lady. It is all a symbol of a desire, a pledge, to seek justice and fairness in our legal system. Today I am afraid we have replaced the symbol of lady justice with a pre-set orthodoxy which is clearly defined at the outset of events. In other words, we know the results we want so lets make the evidence take us there. It is even hard to determine who is in charge, who is responsible for failure. I mentioned last week that power seems to reside in a complex network of individuals and organizations pulling in different directions to achieve different ends. The one thing about power that seems clear to me is that the U.S. is ruled by monied interests, the deep state or managerial/administrative state if you prefer, and most of all lies. The lies force us to live in  a false reality that sometimes is important to us so we insist that the lies are reality. The lies affect everything and pull the strings attached to the politicians so that as a nation, no sensible policy foreign or domestic is even possible. For example, it is obvious to me that the reason for the sudden push to provoke war with Russia is cover for the highest inflation in 40 years, supply chain disruption, collapsing borders stupid illogical Covid policies, etc. What does all this have to do with January 6th, I’m trying to get there. The president, early in his term, said that his goal was to correct or cure the divisions in the country caused by four years of Donald Trump. If that was indeed his goal, he has failed miserably. Just my opinion, but I sense that the country is far more divided that it was under Trump’s leadership. For example, once trusted agencies of the federal government are now routinely viewed as corrupt perhaps with more class than some banana republics, but with the same goal in mind. A recent Washington Post poll found that 34 percent of Americans think violent action against the government can be justifiable. 40 percent of republicans and 23 percent of Democrats hold that view according to the Post. In other words, whether violent action is justified or not may depend on who is elected. If Trump had been reelected perhaps Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs would have been in the capitol instead of the idiots who were. Instead of an effort to use the riot to bring about unity or at least some understanding, the president and some other politicians use lies and exaggerations to describe it for what appears to be a naked e...
  • Who Really Has the Power in 2022?
    Darrell Castle talks about what in his opinion is most likely to happen in the upcoming year. What are the trends that we can expect to continue and get stronger, and what trends will weaken and perhaps die. Transcription / Notes WHO REALLY HAS THE POWER IN 2022 Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is Friday the 7th day of January 2022, as well as the first Friday of a new year. Instead of a year in review this Report will focus more on what in my opinion is most likely to happen in the upcoming year. What are the trends that we can expect to continue and get stronger, and what trends will weaken and perhaps die? I spent Christmas with Joan and my sister, and we had a wonderful time together. My sister told me about the morning worship of the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral, and I’ve been listening to that each day, but perhaps the best gift and the inspiration for this title, was the Dean’s reading of the Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol. He read the book in three parts, and it was wonderful to hear it in his English accent. The ghost of Christmas future, as you may recall showed Scrooge what his future would be like unless he changed. Scrooge asked the ghost if what he was seeing was what had to happen or what might happen, but he received no reply. Dickens’ novel was and is a part of and an example of the Civilization of the West, or Christian Civilization that I often remind you deserves to be preserved. By way of explanation, I defer to the words of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. “Every great family and every great civilization has some roots in sin and crimes. What the western world has forgotten is that they also have roots in accomplishments, moral, artistic, cultural, economic, political. We should not forget that man is fallen. There are good and evil that contend for his soul. It was Christianity that gave the powerless a voice capable of challenging the voice of raw power. It was this voice, together with material interests, that produced accountable government, itself subject to a rule of law. ”Well, amen Dr. Roberts and thank you for reminding us so eloquently of what we have lost. Let’s let Dr. Roberts continue for a moment. “Today the rule of law is disappearing. The US Constitution is in tatters. Everyone has become a tyrannical dictator. Not only presidents, chancellors, and prime ministers, but also employers, school boards, university administrators, mayors, governors, airlines, restaurants, sports organizations, issue mandates that are violations of the Nuremburg Laws laid down by the United States at the WW II war crime tribunals. Now the government in Washington refuses to obey its own creation, finding that Big Pharma profits, control over citizens, and perhaps darker agendas are more important than the rule of law. ”Well, that about says it for Western man and the rule of law except that the war against those things will continue and accelerate during 2022. That is, however, just one of many battles being fought in 2022. It is indeed curious why few if any, especially in congress, raise a voice of protest no matter how many wars are fought and lost, no matter how many trillions of dollars are wasted on them, and no matter how many lives are destroyed or ruined by them. Right now, in 2022 we confront Russia across the plains of Ukraine. Some experts tell us we must confront the Russians there or we will lose credibility. That philosophy is insane and was probably cooked up by lunatics who have never confronted any armies across anything. Ukraine is on the border of Russia and is therefore a strategically important territory for them. Putin will never allow American or NATO forces to take root there nor should he. Surely there is someone in Washington who is not so blind he cannot see that.  China’s aggressive defense of what it perceives as its sovereign right to the South China Sea and other Asian territories are another matter. China seems to believe that the water in questio...
  • When Will You Be Fully Vaccinated?
    Darrell Castle asks the question “Are You Fully Vaccinated?” If your answer is yes, don’t be so sure because the definition is continually changing. Transcription / Notes WHEN WILL YOU BE FULLY VACCINATED? Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. This is the 17th day of December in this the year of our Lord 2021. Are you fully vaccinated? If you answer yes, well don’t be so sure because the definition is continually changing. If your answer is no, then when will you be fully vaccinated? I can answer that question in this opening paragraph and save us all a lot of trouble. The answer is that you will never be allowed to be fully vaccinated for more than a brief time because you will always need the next booster. Christmas is next week folks plus I am moving my law office to a new building next week, so I am going to leave you in peace until the first Friday in January. Speaking of peace, take time to celebrate the coming of the prince of peace into the world.  This has been quite a year and that is for sure. We tried to return to normal but although the football stadiums were full again the people of some cities and some states are still not free to move about as they see fit. If only everyone would get vaccinated, we would all be fine but some people are just too hesitant or at least that seems to be the official story. The health authorities, i.e., Dr. Fauci direct us to have two injections and then after 6 months a booster and that would make us fully vaccinated so we can receive our permission card to travel and participate in a somewhat normal life. If you have not had all those injections, then you don’t get the card and only the federal courts can order your employers to continue your employment. If you go along though, whether you believe the hype or not, just go along, you will be OK and perhaps even virtuous, correct? Just comply and do whatever the authorities command. Just join the right side of history and be obedient. Well, no, that is unfortunately not correct. From the very beginning I have predicted that COVID was just the beginning and that a series of new strains and new virus would continue until we are all sick, disabled, childless, dead or at the very least totally obedient to the dictates of the new totalitarian state. First, we had the Delta Variant which seemed dangerous, and now we have Omicron which even the doctor who discovered it describes as infectious but mild. For that we must once again tear our world apart and lock ourselves inside, at least in some cities. Let me give you an example from the Los Angeles Times issue of December 15. “For many Americans who scrambled to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as their turn came up, the relief of gaining immunity was just one reward. Achieving fully vaccinated status conferred a faint halo of virtue as well. Now, both the shots’ biological protection and the satisfaction of contributing to the herd’s immunity are proving short lived. And with a worrisome new coronavirus variant threatening to erode vaccine-induced immunity further, health officials are debating whether the definition of fully vaccinated should be amended to include a booster shot.” Whoa that is quite a statement isn’t it. Immunity and virtue all in one or two injections. Let me attempt to offer a translation of the Los Angeles Times newspeak. We at the times told everyone the vaccine would confer immunity and that turned out to be wrong. We told everyone that Dr. Fauci was and is a well-meaning doctor who should be listened to and followed. Just get fully vaccinated and all will be well but now we have to admit that these people are never going to stop tormenting us as long as we are willing to permit it. Nevertheless if Dr. Fauci says get a fourth shot then it must be absolutely necessary to do so. “Optimal protection is going to be with a third shot, Fauci told CNN this week. He added that while he didn’t see the official definition of fully vaccinated changi...
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