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Welcome Address by Paul Venable - Delivered to the Constitution Party National Committee - St. Louis, Missouri - 21 April 2023

Chairman Clymer,

Members of the Constitution Party Executive Committee,

Members of the Constitution Party National Committee,

My fellow Citizens of Missouri and of these United States,

Honored Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Welcome to Missouri

The birthplace of …

  1. Harry Truman, 33rd President of the United States
  2. Omar Bradley, the last individual to be promoted to the rank of 5-Star General
  3. George Washington Carver, educator and scientist
  4. Rush Limbaugh, talk radio icon
  5. Congresswoman Maxine Waters

Missouri is home to three-time Super Bowl Champions - the Kansas City Chiefs

Welcome to St. Louis

  1. Which reportedly consumes more BBQ sauce per capita than any other American City
  2. Louis was the first U. S. city to host the modern Olympics, which took place in 1904
  3. 7-Up and Dr. Pepper were born here –
  4. And speaking of things to drink, one famous St. Louis beverage has become the new favorite for target practice – BUD LITE!
  5. Louis has more free public tourist attractions than any city in America except for the District of Columbia.

...is and home of the Gateway Arch which, by the way, is prohibited to Presidents of the United States (for security reasons) but is available to you during your visit here this weekend.

Indeed, the arch marks that St. Louis was once considered – the Gateway to the West – Portal to a New Frontier, to the vast lands of the American continent some short centuries ago, which was largely uncharted and unknown to its most recent inhabitants, and which now contain as one of our nation’s founders foresaw, “...some three hundred millions of people.”

Again, we find ourselves on the frontier – as treacherous and filled with hazards as our forebears experienced at the dawn of the Republic. See, we have a constitutional crisis in America – and for two reasons:

Here’s the first one – YOU don’t know the Constitution!


Here’s the second one – THEY don’t know the Constitution!

...and who are THEY?  Our elected and appointed public servants. And why are they constitutionally illiterate? BECAUSE WE PUT THEM THERE – in that condition!

So why are we here today? It was Henry David Thoreau who so succinctly expressed,

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root”

We have returned to this frontier monument to learn how to strike at the root! To learn how to use the Constitution to ADVANCE the Cause of Liberty! This is NOT a conservative position; it means that we take back territory of freedoms that have been lost and keep marching forward. The Kansas City Chiefs did not win by being conservative. They kept advancing, didn’t they? You make very few points on defense!

But, We the People are on defense!

How dare we imagine that parents must be the primary influence in the lives of our children?!

How dare we suppose that we have the right of self-protection?

How dare we resist the idea that our every thought, word and action be monitored and recorded?!

How dare we think for one minute that our property belongs to us?!

...that we don’t need to eat bugs?

...that we should tolerate an invasion?

...or that we should just accept inflation as anything other than theft by government?

WHO do we THINK we ARE?

Maybe, just maybe, WE DARE TO BE AMERICAN!

We dare to imagine, act on and benefit from all those things we dare to do AND MORE!

We dare to be problem solvers and creators, explorers, and builders,

We dare to believe that the days may return when there was more Liberty than tyranny, when we felt safer on September 10, 2001 than we’ve ever been since September 11, 2001.

But we have a problem and it’s big. Do you know what’s the most profitable enterprise on earth?

Anyone?  Here’s some background…

Adam and Eve were given two commandments we will make note of.

One while the were still in the garden of Eden…

“Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.”

Some time later, after they’d been evicted from the garden where all of their needs had been provided for them and life was easy, they received another commandment,

“By the sweat of thy face shalt though eat they bread”

We’re expected to increase, to produce, to work, and in so doing we benefit ourselves and one another.

But Cain, learned something differently, didn’t he? He learned that he could get power and gain by the SHEDDING OF BLOOD.

So do you think the abortion era survivors who are demanding a right that doesn’t exist in a document they’ve never read, are our enemies? Only because they are being used.

Do you think Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA mercenaries are our enemies?
Only because they are being used.

There are those who are willing to use their wealth and power to take America down and to dominate the world and their primary tool is to spend their vast wealth to promote death, destruction and BLOODSHED – and – you know who they are.

“You can buy anything in the world with money!

They could truly use these vast sums to change the world for the better and bring relief to millions at home and abroad.  Imagine how many lives could be elevated if the mindset of these financial titans considered a world where there might be “no poor among us!”

But alas, this is the lot we’ve been given, isn’t it?

Right here in St. Louis, the Washington University at St. Louis Hospital spends millions in PAC money for what?  To lower our medical costs? …to promote lifesaving health practices?

“The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital is designed to be a safe and affirming space where kids and young adults can express who they are. When you make an appointment with us, we’ll take a personalized approach that addresses your specific needs. ”

So, instead, these vast sums of PAC money are just the cost of doing business to benefit from the maximum profitability of child butchery.

Right here in St. Louis, our own Soros backed prosecutor is now embroiled in a fight with the State Attorney General to avoid being removed from office.  But he is going about it the hard way.  The New York Post reports there are seventy-five of these prosecutors scattred around the nation.

How do you address this calamity in which prosecutors around the Republic are reducing their communities into lawless wastelands where Liberty is razed to the ground?

There is one thing - that’s holding all this back. Do you know what it is? It’s the Constitution! The enemies of Liberty know that once they break THIS border wall, their path is clear, and it was the renowned economist Walter Washington who said, “If liberty dies in America, it is destined to die everywhere!

The enemies of Liberty want to divide Americans.  In fact, they MUST in order to usher in their diabolical dystopian vision.  And we have multiple reasons we can imagine to be divided – because we’re all different in one way or another…

- some are black

- some are white

- some are from the North

- some are from the South

- some are Boomers

- some are Millennials

- some look to God

- some do not

Those who would subvert our Liberty are looking to benefit from these divisions.  So…

  • Are you a Democrat or are you an American?
  • Are you a Republican or are you an American?

This much is clear, the current political apparatus is not designed to address the needs of We the People – it has not, cannot – and subsequently as we can see – WILL NOT do so. 

I don’t know how much time we have left. But I do know that I will not be idle, nor will I be silent.  How about you?

Our invitation is that we as Americans dare to be united.  As expressed on the flag of the State of Missouri, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

My fellow Americans…

Our path is also clear. You didn’t sacrifice your time and treasure to come from East, South, West and North just to talk about and lament over the problems of our troubled times.  We came here to fix them!

We need to know and use the Constitution to save the Constitution and it gives us a simple and consistent way to address these issues and you will leave this event, armed with that knowledge!


Rejoice and REJOICE! Because God thought enough of you and me to bring us together in this day and time, “...for such a time as this!

Then, do we dare NOW, to stand when others are cowering…

Do we dare to lead when many are searching for answers…

Do we dare to be independent and free of political institutions that have, still do, and will continue to fail us…

Do we dare, to call on our fellow Americans – to unite on the Constitution, our Title of Liberty?


1999: Name changed to “Constitution Party” by delegates at the National Convention to better reflect the party’s primary focus of returning government to the U.S. Constitution’s provisions and limitations.


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